There are several ways to vote in City elections: absentee voting by mail, absentee voting in person (early voting), and election day in person.

Absentee Voting by Mail
To request an absentee ballot by mail, please complete an absentee ballot application.  Absentee vote by mail applications are available on our website and may be submitted up to 180 days prior to Election Day. Complete the application mail to Absentee Ballot Clerk, 3167 Main St, Duluth GA 30096, or you may fax it to 678.957.7280.  You may also scan/e-mail it to Once voter registration is confirmed, a ballot will be mailed to you along with instructions on how to process it. Once you receive the ballot, it should be clearly marked, sealed in proper envelopes and mailed back to: Absentee Ballot Clerk, City of Duluth, 3167 Main St, Duluth, GA 30096. All completed ballots must be received by the Elections Superintendent prior to 7:00pm on Election Day to be counted.

 Absentee Ballot Applications
  1. Absentee Voting in Person (Early/Advanced voting): Early Voting for the next Municipal Election will be held in accordance with state law. 
  2. In Person/Election Day Voting: The polls will be open at Duluth City Hall on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 7:00am to 7:00pm
  3. All registered voters shall present proper photo identification for all voting options.  Acceptable identification shall consist of any one of the following: Georgia ID Requirements                                         
  4. Some college photo identification is also acceptable.  Click HERE for the list of approved photo identifications issued by colleges that are acceptable for voting.  

Note: The “precinct card” you receive to confirm your voter registration and voting location is not a form of identification and it will not be sufficient identification to vote.

Voter Indentification Card
If you do not have one of the six acceptable forms of photo ID, you can obtain a Voter Identification Card either through the Gwinnett County Registrar’s office (455 Grayson Hwy, Suite 200, Lawrenceville) or the Department of Driver Services offices, ( free of charge.

Please exercise your right to vote!
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