City Government

The City of Duluth functions under a Council-Manager form of government. 

The Mayor and five Council members are elected by citywide vote (at-large) in non-partisan elections and serve four-year terms.  They serve as the legislative and policy-making body of the municipal government. Together they enact city ordinances, appropriate funds to conduct city business and provide vital services, and formulate policies and procedures to be carried out by the administrative staff.

The City Manager works closely with the Mayor and Council to assist them in formulating policies and programs. Overseeing all city employees, the City Manager is responsible for the efficient ongoing operation of all city services as set forth by the City Council.

The City of Duluth has seven other administrative departments, each one headed by a Director.

  • City Clerk
  • Municipal Court
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Planning & Development
  • Economic Development & Marketing
  • Public Works
  • Police

The City also has various Boards & Commissions who make recommendations to the City Council.