Commercial Real Estate

Duluth Economic Development provides comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date business and real estate information to help firms interested in locating or expanding to the City of Duluth.  Duluth Economic Development works closely with real estate professionals to provide data on commercial space and land that is tailored to prospects' stated needs. Duluth Economic Development closely tracks office and industrial space in the City of Duluth using a research database that is frequently updated as well as a variety of other market sources.

Duluth Economic Development also provides other important assistance to prospects:

  • Duluth Economic Development can act as a liaison between the business and development communities.

  • Duluth Economic Development can arrange meetings between prospects and relevant city and county regulatory agencies and officials to answer questions and address issues concerning land use, zoning and permitting.

  • Duluth Economic Development is available to speak to business and professional organizations on all aspects of commercial real estate in the City of Duluth including providing overviews of the local commercial market as a whole as well as submarket analyses.