Event Co-Sponsorship Program

The Duluth Town Green and Duluth Festival Center are owned by the City of Duluth.  The purpose of these facilities is to provide citizens and visitors with open space and facilities for recreation and relaxation.  The City recognizes the value of conducting special events in these facilities and is committed to supporting quality special events. Each year the City sponsors or co-sponsors a number of special events and festivals.  

The City of Duluth strives to promote, host and plan events and festivals which:

  • Provide a diverse and rich range of cultural awareness and expressions and are accessible to all audiences.
  • Encourage tourism and enhance the quality of life in the Duluth Community.
  • Make a positive impact on the health, safety and welfare of the public.
  • Are appropriate for the selected venue.
  • Contribute to the local economy.
  • Are not detrimental to the environment, including City-owned or other nearby properties and businesses.

The City of Duluth implemented the Event Co-Sponsorship Program to help support small and start up event groups in hosting new events that match the City's commitment to support quality special events that enrich our community as a whole. 

The Co-Sponsorship Program could provide assistance from the City of Duluth in the form of monetary support, marketing efforts and/or City staffing. Those interested in participating in the Event Co-Sponsorship Program need to submit the following information to be considered. Events that are accepted into the Event Co-Sponsorship Program can be terminated by the City or the event organizer at any time before the next year's event calendar is set. There is no obligation to either party to continue hosting the event. 

The Event Organizer must provide:

  • A formal write up requesting assistance from the City of Duluth which includes:
    • Statement of Request
    • Information about the company/organization
    • Purpose of the Event
    • Plan of action – (How to accomplish goals, day of event, emergency)
    • Marketing plan
    • Will you be soliciting outside sponsorship
    • Research on what to expect for an event of the same nature
    • Break down of expected cost of the event, ROI and SWOT
    • Proof of insurance or acquiring insurance
    • Four (4) letters of recommendation
    • What would be the benefit or financial gain for the City of Duluth

If you are interested in organizing a community event at the Duluth Festival Center and Town Green and would like to request the City of Duluth's assistance through the Event Co-Sponsorship Program please contact the Event Coordinator at All proposals are reviewed by a committee of City Staff and will ultimately be approved by the City Council. All proposals are due by the end of September for the following year's event season.