New Hire Forms Package

These forms are only for newly hired employees who have been specifically directed to this page. Please fill out these pages and bring them with you to your final hiring appointment. If you have any questions or are unsure about any of the forms, please leave them blank and we will assist you at your appointment. Forms that are marked “your copy, we do not need them back” are just that.  

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New Hire Forms Instruction Sheet

State Tax Form G-4

Federal Tax Form W-4

Direct Deposit Authorization Form  (Please bring a voided check with bank routing number and account number. If no backup documentation is provided, we will pre-note the account.)

Employee Contact Information (Please list at least one emergency contact)

Employee Emergency Medical Information

Employee HR Manual Acknowledgement Form

Confidentiality Notice

Workers’ Compensation Policy  (your copy to keep, we do not need it back)

Workers’ Compensation Acknowledgement

Harassment, Discrimination, EEO & ADA policy (your copy to keep, we do not need it back)

Harassment, Discrimination, EEO & ADA Acknowledgement

Technology Policy (your copy to keep, we do not need it back)

Technology Policy Acknowledgement

I-9 Employment Eligibility Authorization Form (please review list on pg 3 and bring identification documents with you) 

Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options Notice  (your copy to keep, we do not need it back)

SAVE Affidavit (Full-Time Only. This needs to be notarized. Human Resources can notarize. Please wait to sign in front of notary.)

GMA Pension Beneficiary (Full-Time Only)

One America Retirement Beneficiary (Full-Time Only)