Wellness Program

The City of Duluth Wellness Program is maintained by a Wellness Committee made up of City employees from different departments. The program is designed to reward employees for choosing a healthy lifestyle. The program is currently open to all full-time employees and is on a quarterly rewards system. Goals must be completed during the quarter.

For more information, please click the links below to access the Wellness Program Information.

2022 Wellness Program Information
Wellness Packet effective 1-1-2022, edited 7-7-22 (PDF file)
Wellness Worksheet (Main Tracking Form) 1-1-2022, edited 7-1-22 (PDF file)

Webinars are 5 points for every 30 minutes of educational information. Please use the form in the wellness packet above to document your attendance.

Cigna Webinars
These can be submitted for wellness points for one year after the recorded date, one time per topic within a one-year period.
2022 Cigna Live and On-Demand Webinar Schedule
Cigna Webinar Recordings are below:
Diversity in the Workplace 2-23-2022
Dreaming of a Good Night's Sleep 4-13-2022

United Healthcare Webinars
UHC Webinars (pre-recorded, watch all sections for the one you select)

Northside Hospital Webinars
2022 Northside Hospital Wellness Wednesday Webinars - document with monthly webinar links.
Northside Hospital Webinar Recordings are below:
Lung Cancer Screening Webinar - 7-14-2021 Passcode: iQ9Xh$Ta
Shoulder Pain Webinar - recorded 8-4-2021 Passcode: uS0#7AE&
Breast Care Webinar - recorded 10-13-21 Passcode: rx8AH=Y9 
2021 October Breast Cancer Webinar Series *new
Heartburn and GERD Webinar - recorded 11-10-21 Passcode: +e9+ATiB
Understanding Your Lab Results - recorded 1-19-22 Passcode: v&*$7fe@ 
Diabetes - recorded 3-2-22 Passcode: ZP$8htS?
Basics of Fitness and Exercise Guidelines - recorded 5-11-22 Passcode: 505255
Non-surgical Treatment Options for Pain - recorded 6-15-22 Passcode: 1P!R&t4T
Recommended Screening Tests for Healthy Adults - recorded 8-17-22 Passcode: w=sD8EUJ
AFib: Could that heart flip-flopping be something serious? - recorded 9/21/22 Passcode: kZD9D@!w
Home Safety & Fall Prevention - recorded 10/26/22 Passcode: coming soon