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Digital Submittal Instructions

The Department of Planning and Development has recently partnered with iWorQ System to improve the permitting and inspection process, allow for a complete digital experience for the customer and work towards implementing a paperless Department. 

To apply for a permit, please use the following Permit Portal:

Campaign Signs FAQ:

Do I need a permit for my campaign sign?

Signs smaller than 16 square feet and no taller than 4 feet do not require a permit. All other signs require a temporary sign permit.

How many signs can I have on a single property?

A single property is allowed ONE temporary sign, campaign or otherwise.

Where can I put my signs?

All temporary signs must be installed at a fixed location, either attached to the ground as a freestanding sign or attached to a building. Temporary signs shall not be attached to a vehicle or other movable, animated or portable device, or attached to, held by or displayed upon a person. Temporary signs shall not be affixed to any tree, utility pole or official traffic sign or structure. A temporary sign shall be erected and maintained only with the permission of the owner of the property upon which the sign is located.

All temporary signs shall be located as follows:

  1. At least 10 feet from any street right-of-way line, back of street curb or edge of street pavement, whichever is farthest from the street.
  2. At least 10 feet from any side or rear property line and the pavement edge of a driveway.
  3. Temporary signs located within 30 feet of an intersection of two streets or a driveway and a street shall be no more than 3 feet in height.
  4. Temporary signs are not allowed to be placed within or over a public street right-of-way or private street easement.

How large can my sign be?

Single-family residential, townhouse condominium or manufactured home lot: Temporary Signs located on such subdivided lots shall not exceed 6 square feet in sign face area and 5 feet in height.

Multi-family or nonresidential use property: Temporary Signs located on a multi-family, manufactured home park, or nonresidential use property shall not exceed 32 square feet in total sign face area and 8 feet in height per sign.

Where can I apply for a temporary sign?

You can apply for a temporary sign permit by following this link:

*note: the permit for campaign signs shall have no cost.

Don’t see your question?

Please direct all questions regarding campaign signs to:

The Planning & Development Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality customer service to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Duluth.  In addition to the areas of responsibility below, this department is responsible for:

  • Managing applications for land use changes and modifications
  • Enforcing city codes and ordinances
  • Reviewing Plans
  • Issuing Permits
  • Conducting Inspections
  • Providing  transportation planning management
  • Supporting marketing and local events
  • Verifying site and hydrology compliance

The Department performs these duties with the assistance of the City’s ordinances and regulations, the elected officials, citizens, developers, builders, city employees and sometimes the expertise of outside agencies. The Planning and Development Department also oversees the City's Comprehensive Plan and coordinates long-range planning efforts with other government agencies at the County, State, and Federal levels.

Our Mission
Planning & Development is committed to building up the City of Duluth while improving the quality of life for current and future citizens, businesses, and visitors.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Building Inspection
  • Capital Improvement Project Administration
  • Code Compliance
  • License Compliance
  • Engineering
  • General Permitting Activities
  • Planning
  • Redevelopment Administration
  • Site Development Inspections
  • Stormwater Inspections and Maintenance
  • Transportation Planning
  • Zoning

Contact Information and Hours of Operation
Contact us by using the email list below or by telephone at 770.476.1790. Visit us in person during regular City Hall business hours, Monday – Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.


Department Administration
Planning & Development Director: Bill Aiken
Administrative Assistant: Carol Hill

Planning Division
Senior Planner: Dan Robinson
Planner & GIS Specialist: Forrest Huffman

Compliance Division
Code Compliance Officer: Shelley Shepphard
Code Compliance Officer: Liz Bradshaw
Code Compliance Officer: Marcus Head
License Compliance Officer: John Compton

Engineering Division

City Engineer: Margie Shames Pozin

Building and Development Division
Building Official: Joe Stapleton
Development Coordinator: Layla Corley

Stormwater Division

Stormwater Program Manager: Joshua Arnold
Stormwater Administrative Assistant: Rhonda West

Planning & Development

Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm


markerCity Hall, 2nd Floor
3167 Main Street
Duluth, Georgia 30096

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Department Director

Bill Aiken