Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol is a community policing program sponsored by the Brookhaven Police Department. The program's purpose is to enlist private citizens to volunteer time to patrol their community actively, and listen, watch and report suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. Citizens on Patrol provide a greater observation of residential and business neighborhoods, which increases police presence in the community and reduces crime.

How to join Citizens on Patrol?
You can become a member of the Citizens on Patrol by participating and completing one of our Citizens Police Academies. After completing the Citizens Police Academy, volunteers must be willing to attend additional training sessions.

Objectives of Citizens on Patrol
  • Assist Duluth Police officers through observation and participation.
  • To help reduce and prevent crime in Duluth neighborhoods, parks, and businesses.
  • To increase cooperation between citizens and Duluth police officers.
  • To improve the quality of life for all Duluth citizens.

For more information, email pdpio@duluthpd.com