Public Information Office

The SadowskiPublic Information Office (PIO) serves as the liaison between the Police Department and the members of the media, both local, national and international. PIO is responsible for the release of accurate and timely information regarding the activities of the Department to the news media (broadcast and print) and the public. The function of PIO is an integral component of the day-to-day law enforcement operations of the Department, guaranteeing that the avenues of communication are consistently open among the Department, the media, and the citizenry is the goal of the PIO staff. The rapport established by the PIO and the media benefits both participants. The media receives extremely current and factual information for publication and broadcast. At the same time, the law enforcement community benefits from the media's enhanced dissemination capabilities to publicize the Department's crime prevention efforts and community policing projects. The PIO strives to promote a positive image of the Department through its relationship with the media outlets and specialized programs tailored to the community's needs.

Any Media Personnel may contact the Public Information Officer, Officer Ted Sadowski, at (678) 512-3731 or email at pdpio@duluthpd.com.

Officer Sadowski also is the Social Media Coordinator. His duties include keeping the public up-to-date with the latest information. Officer Sadowski is in-charge of the Police Department's Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Nextdoor program.

To contact Officer Sadowski, you may contact him via email at: pdpio@duluthpd.com, or (678) 512-3731.

Crime Analysis can occur at various levels, including tactical, operational, and strategic. Officer Sadowski will study crime reports, arrests reports, and police calls-for-service to identify emerging patterns, series, and trends as quickly as possible. He'll analyze these phenomena for all relevant factors, sometimes predict or forecast future occurrences, and issue bulletins, reports, and alerts to other agencies. He'll then work with those other agencies to develop effective strategies and tactics to address crime and disorder.

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How does the City of Duluth's Crime Rate differ from other cities in Georgia?
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) collects crime data from cities throughout the United States, then compiles the data for you to view. To view, please click HERE. (latest compiled year; 2017)

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