Renewal Of Alcohol Beverage License

 1. City of Duluth licenses are valid through June 30, 2023 and the renewal process begins May 1. Renewal notifications will be mailed to each current licensee on or before May 1. All businesses must complete and submit the 2023 Renewal Application.

2.All businesses must have a valid State of Georgia alcohol license. 
In addition to submitting an alcohol renewal to the City, effective May 1, 2023, all businesses must also notify the State of their intent to renew their City of Duluth license. Reporting is managed online through the Georgia Tax CenterAccess the GTC Guide for additional information and instructions on reporting to the State. Please contact the Georgia Dept. of Revenue directly with any questions regarding state licensure and reporting.

 3. All businesses are required to have a valid Occupational Tax Certificate for 2023.  For business closures, etc. view and download Change Request Alcohol License.  Additionally, all employees must have unexpired Alcohol Handling Permits, and businesses must be current with any Excise Tax reporting/payments.

 4. After completing the application, print the document, sign where indicated, notarize and submit via postal mail, scan/email, or in-person during City Hall business hours.  Include payment (by cash or check made out to City of Duluth).  Credit cards are accepted in person, or by following the link below to make an online payment. Surcharges will apply for all credit card payments.

 5. The renewal application and payment are due by June 1, 2023. If you would like to submit in person and have staff review the application, kindly schedule an appointment by emailing

 6. Make an Online Payment  Read below to access your direct account.
Locate your ENTITY number from the renewal notice or your City of Duluth Alcohol Certificate. Using the "Search" box, enter your Entity number.  Click on the "View" button to scroll down to "Fees" section to your amount due for 2023/2024.  If you would like to change your license in any way for the 2023/2024 year, email for assistance.  Both debit or credit card payments are accepted for renewals. The application must be submitted to our office. The renewal is not complete until BOTH application and payment are received.

 7. Larger businesses may require additional forms due to the number of owners, managers, and employees. Ensure that personal history statements are completed for all owners and managers, with a copy of identification for each.

8. The State of Georgia Alcohol License expires December 31st of each year. For additional information regarding the state license contact the Georgia Department of Revenue or by phone at 877.423.6711. 

All businesses are required to purchase the alcohol they sell from wholesale distributors, and keep delivery records on-site for 3 years.