Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority shall be composed of seven (7) members created and appointed by the City Council and recognized by the State of Georgia as a public corporation with a specified set of powers and a specific purpose and mission to:

  • Revitalize and redevelop the central business district
  • Develop and promote for the public good and general welfare, trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities
  • Finance projects within the central business district that will develop and promote the public good and general welfare
  • Issue bonds to finance projects
Four (4) members of this board must have or represent a party who has an economic interest in the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown development area (i.e. own or operate a business or own property). The three remaining members must reside in the City limits of Duluth. Members are appointed for a four-year term. The Downtown Development Authority meets the third Tuesday of every month at the Duluth City Hall at 6:30pm. Please contact Chris McGahee with any questions or concerns.

Agenda & Minutes