Our Business Community

Our Business Community

The City of Duluth's dynamic business community is in the forefront of one of the strongest economies in the country. Along with its well-known strengths in corporate headquarters, technology firms, medicine, and recreation, the City has large and growing numbers of commercial IT, financial, software, communications and technology management service providers.

The City of Duluth is a highly desirable business location for companies of all industries and sizes. An attractive international business location, the City of Duluth has almost 115 foreign-owned firms, as well as two Fortune 500 companies. Duluth boasts a variety of other businesses as well - a significant portion of the city's establishments are small and locally-owned.

A Creative Economy

Duluth is investing heavily in the creative economy looking for innovation in technology, arts, performance, and medicine. Companies come to the City of Duluth for its ideal business climate, convenient location to transportation hubs, proximity to the state government in neighboring Atlanta, a well-educated workforce, and the high quality of life that attracts the best and brightest minds.

Associations and Non-Profits

Duluth Business Association
Georgia Economic Developers Association
Rainbow Village
Duluth Fine Arts League
Northside Hospital Duluth

Non-Profits are a significant economic force in Gwinnett County and the City of Duluth:

  • Directly generating over $411 million in revenue each year
  • Indirectly creating three jobs in other industries for every one job in the non-profit sector (more than 11,000 jobs annually)
  • Supporting a payroll of over $290 million
  • Providing valuable services that impact virtually every Georgia resident

A study, conducted by the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services and the Carl Vinson Institute, found that with a $290 million payroll, the nonprofit sector is large both in absolute terms and relative to other sectors in the county. Gwinnett County non-profits have a greater local payroll than the state government, transportation and warehousing, or telecommunications sectors.  The study period of 2000 to 2035, an average of 13,900 jobs in the state of Georgia is projected to exist because of the presence of the Gwinnett County non-profit sector. Approximately 11,600 of those jobs are forecast to be located in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County non-profits are projected to provide an average of 5,966 jobs per year over the 36 year study period and an average of $260 million in additional personal income.


International Business in Duluth

There is a significant amount of foreign direct investment in Duluth, with nearly 150 international companies from 27 countries across the globe.

The international companies in Duluth represent a diverse international array of businesses. Duluth is connected to the world, and is a place where international businesses can thrive and grow.

List of International Businesses in Duluth