Paying Citations

Paying Your Court Fines

Please wait for at least 7 to 10 business days before inquiring about your ticket due to the necessary processing of the citation.
Court fines can be paid here.
Phone payments can be made by calling 678-359-2783. 
Click HERE to view the Duluth Municipal Court Calendar.

We will accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Money Order/Cashier's Check, and Debit/Credit Card. No personal checks, business checks, or partial payments will be accepted. We will accept checks on escrow from attorneys. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like a receipt. When paying in cash, no more than $5.00 in coins will be accepted for payment.

*Online/over-the-phone payments must be made by 10 pm the day BEFORE your court date if your case does not require a mandatory appearance.* 

Please note: All online and phone payments will be charged a 6.25% service fee. If paying at our cashier window, a 4% service fee will be charged for all debit or credit card payments. 

If you are paying at our cashier window, any of the approved methods of payment listed above are acceptable. The window hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm excluding holidays.

Payments made through the mail or by drop-box must be done by money order, or cashier's check, made out to the City of Duluth. The money order, or cashier's check, should be filled out completely including your name and citation number. If the payment is incomplete or illegible, it will be mailed back to you. Our drop-box is located in the parking on the Davenport Road side of our building. Payments can also be mailed to:    

Duluth Municipal Court
3276 Buford Highway
Duluth, GA 30096

Can I make payments on my fine? We do not accept partial payments. If you’re not able to pay the full amount, you will need to come to court and speak with the Judge.

Certified Defensive Driving/Driver Improvement Schools 

If you have received the below charges, and are now in compliance with licensing and registration laws of this state, the fines may be reduced in person at the court no less than 15 days after the citation was issued, and no less than 2 days before the scheduled court date. This can only be done where no other tickets were issued as part of the same incident. These charges include:

  Original Fine Amount Reduced Fine Amount:
Expired Tag (40-2-8) $150.00 $75.00
Expired License (40-5-32) $100.00 $50.00
60 Days to Change Name/Address(40-5-33) $100.00 $50.00
Headlights Required (40-8-20) $100.00 $50.00
Defective/No Tailights (40-8-22 and 40-8-23) $100.00 $50.00
Reflectors Missing (40-8-24) $100.00 $50.00
Brake Lights and Turn Signals Required (40-8-25) $100.00 $50.00
Brakes Required (40-8-50) $100.00 $50.00
Horns Must Work (40-8-70) $100.00 $50.00
Mirrors Required (40-8-72) $100.00 $50.00
Windshield/Wiper Requirements (40-8-73) $100.00 $50.00
Tire Requirements (40-8-74) $100.00 $50.00