Am I located within the City-limits of Duluth?
You can check our street listings and maps on our Maps & GIS page.
When are plans accepted by the City?
The Department accepts plans between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. To submit or resubmit a Land Disturbance Plan, a submittal meeting is required. Please contact the Development Coordinator at 770.476.1790 to schedule a meeting.
How do I find out about rezonings, variances, special use exemptions or annexations in progress within the city (past or present)? 
You may contact the Community Development & Engineering Department at 770.476.1790. Look here for current Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeal cases.
When do I need to obtain a sign permit, whether temporary or permanent?
Anytime a new sign is being installed outside the building.
How much signage am I allowed?
Please see Article 6 of the Unified Development Code (UDC) for more information.
Are portable signs allowed?
No, they are prohibited.
Are pole and/or pylon signs allowed?
Monument signs are required, consisting of the same or similar material as the building facade (e.g. brick, stone, wood, or stucco or any combination thereof). Sign information can be found in Article 6 of the Unified Development Code (UDC).
How many temporary sign permits are allowed in one year?
Once per calendar quarter that is valid for 30 consecutive days.
What are the special sign requirements for "Grand Openings" or new businesses?
Within six months of opening a new business, one 30-day temporary sign permit may be requested. This is a one time only permit for new businesses that are just getting established in our City. New business sign in lieu of wall sign is good for 3 months or until wall sign is installed.
Can apartments advertise vacancies?
Yes, provided only one sign per entrance is used and the sign shall not exceed four square feet. No permit required.
Are employment signs, lottery signs and emission signs allowed?
These types of signs are considered temporary and follow the requirements of temporary signs.
Are weekend directional signs, garage sale, yard sale or house for sale signs allowed?
Temporary signs are permitted, one per parcel of land, no larger than 6 square feet and 3 feet in height. No permit is required.
Do I need a permit to remove trees from my property?
Non-single family residential properties: All non-single family properties (office, commercial, industrial, and apartments) are required to have trees on site.  Most properties were developed with an approved landscape plan.  The trees, shrubs and groundcover shown in the approved plan must be maintained on site at all times.  Dead, dying or missing landscaping, including trees, must be replaced with the same material or trees.  Failure to maintain the landscaping on site could result in a code compliance violation.

If an owner of a non-single family residential property wishes to remove or replace any trees on site, he/she should contact Planning Department to discuss.  A revised landscape plan may be approved if the plan meets the current standards of the Unified Development Code.

Single Family Residential: Generally speaking, tree removal on single family properties does not require a permit.  However, there are situations where trees were planted or not removed during construction to meet minimum buffer standards.  These trees may not be removed.  If you wish to remove a tree on your property, contact Planning Department to discuss.
Who inspects water, sewer, and fire codes?
Gwinnett County, 770.822.8000 (main information line).
Who do I call for a water or sewer emergency?
Gwinnett County Dept. of Water Resources, 678.376.7000.
Who should I contact to set up new water service or transfer water service within Gwinnett County?

Gwinnett County Dept. of Water Resources, 678.376.7000.
Who should I contact about septic tank issues?
It is the responsibility of an individual home or business owner to maintain, repair, or replace all components of a septic system. Contact the Gwinnett County Environment Health Dept., 770.963.5132.
When is a building permit required?
Many citizens contact our Department inquiring about when a residential building permit is required. The “rule of thumb” is that a building permit is required if you are modifying or adding to an existing structure.
To whom do I report street light outages?
Georgia Power 1.888.660.5890
Jackson EMC 1.800.462.3691

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact the City of Duluth Planning Division at 770.476.1790 or contact planning @duluthga.net