Code Compliance

The City of Duluth has recently partnered with iWorQ systems to create better citizen engagement with Code Compliance throughout the City of Duluth. To request service, please use the following link:

Code Compliance Portal: Request for Service

What is Code Compliance?

The City of Duluth's Department of Planning and Development is responsible for enforcing a variety of Planning and Development related ordinances and regulations. The Department staffs three (3) Code Compliance Officers to investigate complaints and help maintain a high quality of life in the City of Duluth.The Code Compliance Division within Duluth’s Department of Planning and Development maintains the City’s status as a clean, livable city by ensuring that all properties comply with standards set by the Mayor and City Council. It is the City’s policy to ensure compliance with City ordinances by investigating and resolving reported violations of City code. The City will work to assure code compliance by both encouraging voluntary compliance with property owners and by taking enforcement action, if necessary, against code violators who do not comply.

Enforcement Procedures:

Enforcement of all City Codes and Ordinances usually begins with a written Notice of Violation provided to the owner and/or occupant. The Notice shall be posted at the property or sent via mail. The notice shall contain a deadline of no more than thirty (30) days for compliance. If the violation continues past the deadline, the Compliance Officer will issue a citation for appearance in Duluth Municipal Court.

If you have any questions about any Notice of Violation or if you need to report a code violation, please contact or 770.476.1790. 

Common Code Violations:

The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for enforcing many ordinances including, but not limited to, the Zoning Ordinance, Buffer, Landscape and Tree Ordinance, Property Maintenance Ordinance, Soil and Sediment Control Ordinance, Illicit Discharge Ordinance, Development Regulations, and Building Codes.

Some of the most common reported violations include:

  1. Abandoned/junk vehicles
  2. Accumulation of rubbish or garbage
  3. Disposal of garbage
  4. Illegal signs
  5. Illegal home occupation
  6. Overgrown grass/ weeds
  7. Zoning violations
  8. Fences or walls in disrepair
  9. Open and outdoor storage
  10. Parking on an unpaved surface
  11. Building or demolition without a permit


To report a violation, you may:
Call: 770.476.1790,
Email: or
Use the Compliance Online Portal: Request for Service

Additional Resources:
Code Compliance Brochure