Drainage Easements & Stream Buffers

Drainage easements are critical components of the overall stormwater management system. They indicate the intended path of stormwater runoff to the nearest stream, river or lake, and can include ditches and swales, or underground infrastructure like pipes. It's important that drainage easements are kept clear of all obstructions. Drainage easements that are blocked, filled in or otherwise modified do not allow water to flow through them as designed. This can lead to flooding, erosion and property damage.

City of Duluth staff will be conducting routine drainage easement inspections in residential neighborhoods throughout the City, beginning in May 2024. Our goal is to help property owners identify drainage easements on their property, understand their importance, and provide information about the proper care and maintenance of drainage easements.

Drainage Easement Door Hanger

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A Quick Guide to Drainage Easements

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