Record Restriction

The Local Record Expungement

O.C.G.A. § 35-3-37(d) (1) allows for the expungement of arrest charges by a local law enforcement agency when certain conditions are met (as outlined in this statute). If approved by the local arresting agency, and the appropriate prosecutor, the arrest cycle is sealed on the Georgia criminal history report by GCIC. Access to that arrest information is restricted to criminal justice agencies only. The arrest is expunged in its entirety from the FBI criminal history record.

The following are examples of final court dispositions that may qualify: Dismissed: Not Presented to Grand Jury: No Further Action Anticipated; Nolle Prossed / Prosequi; Dead Docket; or No Record on File. All applications must be approved or denied by the appropriate prosecutor.

Request for Expungement

The request for expungement form is a three-part form. The arrested individual completes part one and returns the entire form to the arresting agency.

Additional Information

There is a $25 charge per Expungement application.

Additional information regarding Georgia Criminal History Record Information is available from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s website.

Please direct any questions expungements to or (770) 623-2771.