Dumpster Information

Dumpster Information

Hours of Operation for the Dumpsters:

Monday through Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm.
Saturdays 8:00am-3:00pm.
Excluding Holidays listed below.

2024 Holidays
January 1, 2024 -  New Year’s (Monday)
January 15, 2024 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday)
May 27, 2024 -  Memorial Day (Monday)
June 19, 2024 - Juneteenth (Wednesday)
July 4, 2024 - Independence Day (Thursday)
September 2, 2024 - Labor Day (Monday)
November 28, 2024 -  Thanksgiving (Thursday)
November 29, 2024 - Day After Thanksgiving (Friday)
December 24, 2024 - Christmas Eve (Tuesday)
December 25, 2024 - Christmas Day (Wednesday)

Please note, this is subject to change. We will do our best to keep you updated with new
information as it becomes available. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and
patience! For further information or updates, please monitor the Duluth website or call

Dumpster Cards
A City of Duluth issued Dumpster Card will be required each year to use the service.
Dumpster cards are issued in the Office Monday - Friday from 7:30am until 4:30pm at the
Public Works facility, 2450 Main Street. You will be required to show proof of  a current Utility bill
or similar monthly statement (e.g, Mortgage or Bank statement, Credit card bill, Insurance statement)
A Tax Bill is acceptable if it is less than 60 days old. Drivers License is not accepted document. 
Dumpster cards are not issued on Saturdays as the office is closed.

Please complete the form below for your new 2024 Dumpster Card.
A utility bill is required when completing application. You may take a picture with your smart phone and scan a recent
utility bill and attach it to this form.

Dumpster card form

The card allowing you twelve trips will be mailed to you. No businesses, either for profit or non-
profit will be issued a card. The second card for twelve trips will be $25, the third card for
twelve will be $25, and the fourth and subsequent cards for twelve trips will be $50.

You may have your card punched twice if you have a very large load in one visit. This is
especially true if you have rented a truck for this purpose.

No trucks larger than a regular full-size truck with a ten-foot trailer or a ten-foot moving
truck are allowed at the dumpster.

Republic Services (your garbage company) will also take items from your curb, if you are
unable to bring them to Public Works. Republic will take items like mattresses, furniture,
appliances and household items at the curb. You must call 678.963.2800 within 24 hours
of the pick-up to ask for this special service.  

DUMPSTER Rules & Regulations 

  • Please begin lining up single file in the left lane only. 
  • Have your 2024 Dumpster Card ready – please do not get out of your vehicle.
  • Hold your card out the window for the attendant to punch your card and direct you through. 
  • Only 4-5 vehicles will be allowed into the dumpster area at one time. This number is up to the discretion of the dumpster Attendants. 
  • There is no assistance available in removing items from your vehicle. If you bring it, you must be able to unload it.
  • Continue to practice social distancing while using the dumpsters and remain at least six feet away from all other visitors and staff when possible.


Where are the Dumpsters located?
The dumpsters are located at the City of Duluth Public Works Facility (address above) and can be accessed from Peachtree Industrial Boulevard or Rogers Bridge Road.
Who can use the dumpsters?
Dumpsters are provided as a service by the City for its residential citizens who live in City limits only.  Individuals who live in apartment or condominium/townhome communities with dumpsters already provided, or citizens who live in unincorporated Duluth may not use this service.
How do I get a Dumpster Card?
There are two ways: 1) Bring a current Utility Bill (gas, water, electric) to the Public Works Facility, Monday-Friday from 7:30am until 4:30pm and a card will be issued to you. 2) Complete the form above. Follow the directions on the form and a card will be mailed to you.

If you choose to get your card by mail, complete the form, attach a recent utility bill and a stamped, self-addressed envelope and mail all three to the City of Duluth, Attn: Public Works Dept./Dumpster Card 2450 Main Street, Duluth, GA 30096. 

You may have your card punched twice if you have a very large load in one visit.  This is especially true if you have rented a truck for this purpose.
Why can't I get a Dumpster Card on Saturday?
The Public Works Office is not open on Saturdays and the dumpsters are operated by one person.
Why can't the dumpsters be open seven days a week?
Shortage of staff prohibits the City from operating the dumpsters seven days week/24 hours a day, we hope the expanded hours will help the citizens who have to work on Saturdays.
Why can't the dumpsters be open during the normal hours of operations for Public Works? What else do you do besides operate the Dumpsters? Aren't you a landfill?
The Dumpsters are a secondary part of the operation of Public Works. Public Works is responsible for repairing streets, drainage, signs and other infrastructure within the City. Public Works provides assistance with all City events, from the Veterans Markers and Flags to Holiday Decorations, to concerts and movies on the Town Green. Heavy equipment is moving in and out of the Public Works Facility all day every day; it would not be safe for residents to be unloading items during our working hours. The dumpsters are operated by a staff volunteer.
What do you accept?
We are now accepting glass since it is no longer taken at the curb with recycling items. Your dumpster card will not be punched if that is the only item brought in to the dumpsters. Please wash out your glass food jars before bringing them to Public Works. You may only bring your glass items to Public Works during regular dumpster hours when the part-time Attendant is on duty. All other items will require a punch to your card.

Although Republic Services will pick up appliances, sofas, mattresses/foundations, and old furniture at the curb, the dumpsters were also designed for items too large or bulky to fit in the purple bag for pickup at curbside. You may call Republic at 678.963.2800 to have these items picked up at the curb on Wednesdays. A purple bag must be placed on the item.

Other items for our dumpster that you would normally find when cleaning the garage or basement, are: cardboard, lawnmowers, appliances, grills, old/broken furniture, old clothing, broken electronics (TV’s, VCR’s, stereo/computer equipment, etc.), vehicle parts and fluids (motor oil in containers, batteries), old children’s toys, tree limbs, grass clippings, leaves, etc. We could not list every item that is accepted here, if you have a question about an item, please call us at 770.476.2454.
Do all these items go in the dumpsters?
No, certain items go in certain dumpsters, the attendant will determine where your items go (e.g., cardboard goes in one dumpster, yard waste goes in another waste dumpster).
Why does my yard waste have to be in brown, recyclable paper bags?
Because of a State mandate, there are less than five landfills in Georgia that are allowed to accept yard waste. The few that remain in operation were forced to change their policies. Paper decomposes, plastic does not; therefore, the yard waste in paper bags can be dumped and will decompose properly. Fines are levied against agencies that dispose of yard waste in plastic bags.
What is not accepted?
We do not accept any animal carcasses or body parts.  Please be considerate of this rule.

Mattresses/box springs: (Place a purple bag on these, place at curbside, call Republic Services at 678.963.2800, and have these picked up at your home).

Tires: When you purchase tires, (car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, bicycle, lawnmower, etc), you should ask if they accept your old tires for disposal.

State law prohibits tires from being placed in landfills. Tires that are disposed of illegally must be removed from the dumpsters or another site, loaded and driven to a special processing site and a per tire fee is assessed.

Carpet/foam/padding – Richland Creek landfill 770.271.8633 - 5691 S. Richland Creek Road, Buford.

Roofing Materials (shingles, tar, etc) –Richland Creek landfill 770.271.8633

Wood (porches, decks, sandboxes, crossties, landscape timbers, staircases, storage buildings made of wood, etc) – No wood of any type, size, length or quantity is accepted. This must be taken to the Richland Creek landfill 770.271.8633

Remodeling Debris (sheetrock, tile {ceramic or vinyl}, doors, door frames, windows, window frames, porches, decks, carpet, foam, padding, roofing shingles, cabinets, cabinet frames) Richland Creek landfill.

Paint, Stain Varnish, etc – Due to EPA regulations, we no longer are able to accept paint, stain, varnish, or related items.  These items may be dried or evaporated.  Paint can be dried with kitty litter in the can left open. 

Household Garbage, (any item that is disposed of in your kitchen or bathroom trash {e.g. food waste, coffee grounds, food packaging, paper, etc} or that will fit in the purple bags for pickup at curbside) – is not accepted.  The curbside garbage service is designed for disposal of your household garbage.

No Gravel, Rocks, or Concrete – Richland Creek Landfill

No Propane Tanks, Gasoline or Acids
How do I dispose of items not accepted at the dumpsters?
Richland Creek Landfill is located in Buford, Georgia. They will accept most items that we do not; they will charge a fee for disposal. Please call them directly at 770.271.3575 for information on hours of operation, items they accept and fees.