Tax Sales Excess Funds


  1. Following a tax sale held by the City of Duluth or the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner, any overage of funds, known as "excess funds," is eligible to be claimed by anyone with a financial interest in the property.
  2. In Georgia, purchasers of property through the tax sale process must allow previous property owners one year after the date of sale to redeem the property. In addition to the property owner, anyone who has a legal interest in the property such as a mortgage company, or anyone who holds a lien on the property, may also redeem the property. Every effort is made to contact listed lienholders at the time of sale in order for parties to initiate action.
  3. All excess fund claims are submitted to the Property Tax Office of the City of Duluth for review and research before funds are disbursed.  Anyone with a financial interest should complete the form linked below and submit, along with any supporting documentation, to the City of Duluth.  Please note that City policy allows for these funds to be held or redirected through the Gwinnett County Superior Court for distribution, or forwarded to the State of Georgia as unclaimed property after five years from date of tax sale. 
  4. View the Claim Form, which should be submitted to the Property Tax Department at 3167 Main Street, Duluth GA 30096. The form may also be faxed to 770-623-2780 or emailed to
  5. View the 2024 Excess Funds List.